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Our man was in need of his gay hitchhiker fix so he started scouting the local college campuses in hopes of finding another cute guy. The colleges are usually a great place to pick up a nice bottom and that’s where they found this cute Latino guy named Danny. He was just leaving campus and looking for a ride so he could catch up with his friends at the lake for a graduation party. Our guy told Danny that he would be happy to take him to his party if he could come along and join in on the fun. When they stopped off at the house to pick up some towels and beer, they had a little private party of their own.

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It was a gorgeous day in Los Angeles which meant all the hot twinks would be out roaming the streets. Our man was salivating at the thought of picking up another gay hitchhiker so he jumped in the car and set out on his mission. Surprisingly enough, the pickings were slim but our guy doesn’t give up easily. He eventually came upon Lee who was pissed off because the fenced in parking lot where he’d parked his car earlier was now closed and locked up tight. Lee said that he left his wallet and all his money in his car and now he had no way to get a ride. The lot wasn’t going to open until the following morning so Lee thought he was fucked. No Lee, you’re not fucked… at least not yet! But as with all the gayhitchhiker pickups, it was only a matter of time. Lee sure was grateful for a ride and a place to crash.

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A rainy day in LA presents a golden opportunity for Gay Hitchhiker to pick up a hot guy that’s looking to get in out of the weather. Our man cruised the streets until he came upon Justin who had just been kicked out of the house by his mom. This hot hunk of beef told us that he likes to spend a lot of time at the gym but he never really checks out the other guys. Sure he doesn’t. Our man told Justin he would take him wherever he wanted to go but he had to swing by the house first. Justin said he didn’t have any plans and he wouldn’t mind just hanging out for a while before he went back home. That was all well and good but we had to explain to Justin that this hospitality comes at a price. Since Justin didn’t have any money, he soon found himself on his knees and later on his back just to show his appreciation. This was one of the best GayHitchhiker pick-ups yet!

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Latina Boy Eduardo

In this episode of Gay Hitchhiker, our man got word of a festival taking place down at the park and thought it would be good place to look for a pick-up. As he was driving through town, he spotted Eduardo standing on the sidewalk thumbing for a ride. This cute Latino boy was hoping to catch a lift downtown. Eduardo was a foreign college student from Argentina and he didn’t have enough money for a cab. Luckily for him, there are “other” ways to get a ride in LA. Especially when you have a tight Latino ass like Eduardo that’s just begging to be pounded. Our man picked him up and stopped by the house before heading downtown so Eduardo could pay his fare. The pics tell the rest of this story.

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